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Design and Art – How to Find Your Inspiration?

What can you do to find your inspiration? Well, if you are at a loss, here are a few tips for you

Design and Art – How to Find Your Inspiration

As an artist, you probably came across this issue before: artist’s block. You may be a writer, you may be a web designer, you may be a painter, or you may be any type of artist. At some point, you probably reached a stage where you didn’t know what in the world you should do. You had no inspiration, nothing to get you started on the job. What can you do to find your inspiration? Well, if you are at a loss, here are a few tips for you.

Design and Art – How to Find Your Inspiration

Look in your own life

As an artist, you can find inspiration in a variety of places. However, most people prefer to look for inspiration in their day-to-day life. For example, a painter may decide to paint their spouse, as they likely mean a lot to each other. They also find inspiration in the things that they experience, particularly those that hold quite a bit of impact in their life. Their art is a way to express their experience, so they would avoid trying to please others through their work.

Looking at nature

Many artists also find their inspiration in nature. Nature has many shapes, colors, or designs that are quite fascinating – and very often, easily missed. You will never run out of inspiration in nature because there are so many things to see. Nature also inspires artists through the fact that it soothes their souls. It’s an excellent source of inspiration for those that need a muse, particularly since it gives that feeling of recharge.

Design and Art – How to Find Your Inspiration

Browse through art

Sometimes, people find inspiration by looking at other people’s art. Through this, we aren’t telling you to copy – but instead, to learn from them. Some artists are quite inspirational and may give you the muse necessary to get out of your artist’s block. Old Masters, in particular, are quite good at inspiring, but there are also some contemporary artists and designers that can also prove to be your muse.

Design and Art – How to Find Your Inspiration

Go on social media

Yes, social media can be a good place for you to find some inspiration. Sure, you may want to use it sparingly, as the noise of social media may end up confusing you even more – but at the same time, social media can be a good place to look for some inspiration. For example, Pinterest and Tumblr are some great places for you to look up some online inspiration. So is Instagram. Go for the platforms where you can find pictures, no matter if you need to create a painting, a logo design, a graphic for a blog, or anything else related to art. Looking at logos as simple as the one Joy Organics has can serve as inspiration.

Daily routine

Your daily routine can also be a great inspiration source for your art. When working in your studio or doing your work, you can often feel inspiration coming at you almost out of nowhere. You feel as you go. So, while you may not have had any inspiration when you first started, you may have gotten an idea or two after some time has passed. Artists often find inspiration this way, and it is the preferred alternative to waiting for the idea. Sometimes, doing nothing until your inspiration strikes is likely one of the most common mistakes that you may make as an artist.

Design and Art – How to Find Your Inspiration

Read every night

Yes, we know what you are thinking: why would you read if you are into graphic design or arts? Well, when you read, every word will begin to form an image in your head. Everything will be projected in your subconscious, and for you, it will be like seeing a picture. Seeing the scenes unfold in your mind may give you the visual inspiration that you need to act as a muse and to get you started on your work.

Bottom line

Anything can serve as your inspiration as long as you put your mind to it. The important thing here is that you never stop trying to create. As an artist, inspiration comes to you on-the-go, from things that you least expect.

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