How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress: A Small Guide for Brides

For most brides, choosing a wedding dress is an event of a lifetime. Here are some things to consider when shopping for your wedding dress

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress A Small Guide for Brides
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Choosing the perfect wedding dress can take weeks if not months! This isn’t entirely surprising considering the large extent of choices and the desire of every bride to look their best on their wedding day. Who can blame you after all? To lessen the stress of it all, however – here are some tips that should speed up the process.

Remember Accessories

The right accessories can help balance out the dress and complete its overall look. If you have heirlooms, it’s a good idea to bring them with you during the fitting just to see the overall impact. Or you can go the other way around and find accessories to match the dress. A good source of dress and accessory matches is which should give you an idea of how different pieces work with each other.

Consider Your Body Shape

Different cuts work for different body shapes and you should be aware of yours. Keep in mind that just because you like the style doesn’t mean it would work for your body shape. Try keeping things basic at first and focus on the cut. Is it A-line, princess type, sweetheart, mermaid, or some other style? Once you find the cut or cuts that work for your body type, you’ll have a starting point for your search.

Browse, Browse, Browse

There’s no avoiding the extensive amount of browsing you’ll need to do to find the perfect dress. The key is to browse in specific places so that you won’t be disappointed when you finally find the one you want, only to have problems ordering it. Narrow down your browsing to certain stores or shops that you know can deliver to your location.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress A Small Guide for Brides
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Think of the Season

The venue and season are a huge factor when choosing your wedding dress – especially if the event is outdoors. You want to be resplendent – but you also want to be comfortable. This all boils down to the fabric of the dress. For summer – you want something light and airy, but for the colder season, something heavier and warmer should be the goal.

Wedding Style and Theme

The theme of the wedding can also affect the selection of the wedding gown. Ideally, the two should complement each other. For example, a long train wouldn’t work with a beach wedding. You’d want to hit that balance between comfort and style as you walk down the aisle.

Wear the Good Underwear

Wedding gowns can be sheer, daring, and uniquely cut. When fitting, it’s important to wear the underwear you intend to wear on the wedding day itself. This way, you’ll find out exactly how the fabric works with your undergarment. You can also bring in a pair of heels to give you a clearer image of your big day.

Move Around Wearing the Dress

Comfort is crucial so make sure you can move around with the dress. This is especially true if you’re wearing the same thing for the reception. Try to walk, bend, and sit with the dress. Can you do all of these things without any issue? If so, then you shouldn’t have any problem with it when worn on the actual wedding day.

Don’t Get Too Hang Up on Sizes

Don’t worry too much about sizes because all wedding dresses are subject to alteration. Find the dress that looks good on you and simply have it adjusted as needed when the wedding day comes nearer. Many brides also stress about their weight months before the wedding and would often order a smaller size to “inspire” them to lose weight. Don’t fall into this trap and simply choose a dress that makes you feel beautiful. Alterations can come later.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress A Small Guide for Brides
Image from DESIGN SCENE STYLE: Daisy Field by J. Campos & Raquel Trejo – Discover the full story

Get Feedback – But not too Much

Have you seen Say Yes to the Dress? If so, you’ll notice that a large entourage isn’t always a good idea. This generates so many opinions from people who may or may not help with the selection process. Ask for feedback but only from the people you trust to have your best interest at heart. At the end of the day, you’re buying a dress to please yourself and not other people.

Maintain a Realistic Budget

Finally, don’t forget that your choice of a gown depends on your budget. Try to keep it within a reasonable price range. If you’re buying online, then factor in the cost of shipping and alterations that may be made before the wedding itself.


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