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PFW: LACOSTE Spring Summer 2022 Collection

Louise Trotter makes the connection between fashion, culture and sport, blurring the lines between performance and aesthetics.

Photo © Yanis Vlamos © Lacoste 

Discover LACOSTE Spring Summer 2022 collection revealed on Tuesday, October 5th, during the recently wrapped up Paris Fashion Week. This season, Creative Director Louise Trotter blurs the lines between performance and aesthetics, making the connection between fashion, culture and sport.


Photo © Yanis Vlamos © Lacoste

The codes and culture around sport are an ongoing obsession for Louise Trotter, informing her dynamic approach to Lacoste as a veritable pillar of French sportswear. Drawn from the world of tennis – the brand’s very lifeblood – to cycling, basketball and other city sports, the spirit of movement, lightness and functionality is paramount in her design process. By considering the convergence of sporting uniforms with our everyday lives, the collection blurs the lines between performance and aesthetics for a streamlined response to summer in the city. – from Lacoste.

Photo © Yanis Vlamos © Lacoste

Inspired by the the elegant portraits of René Lacoste and his tennis partner Suzanne Lenglen in the Roaring Twenties to Peter Sutherland and Philippe Bialobos’ rhythmic documentation of urban bike couriers in the 2000s, a call-and-repeat of sartorial and sports tropes results in hybrid typologies and subtle nods to sporting subcultures. Shorts suits are cut from neoprene piqué jersey, pleated tennis skirts in frosted pastel rubber, and the Lacoste polo reimagined in printed mesh.

Photo © Yanis Vlamos © Lacoste

The color palette shifts the perception of classic sports references, with an emphasis on warm, bright tones of scarlet, emerald, burgundy, orange and acid yellow, mixed with the classic Lacoste palette of green, navy, taupe, black and optic white. 

Photo © Yanis Vlamos © Lacoste

The aeration and ventilation of garments are explored with mesh logo paneling and vented inserts explored across cycling vests, track shorts and basketball tanks, whilst ergonomic perforations are laser cut by hand into neoprene varsity jackets. Engineered knits follow suit, with fully-fashioned striped rib dresses and matching ensembles joining new iterations of the signature patchwork tennis sweater. Soft parachute nylons and gloss finishes accentuate games of transparency, joining ‘ghost-stitched’ embossed rubber outerwear and framis-zipped drawstring anoraks for a sense of immediacy and speed.

Photo © Yanis Vlamos © Lacoste

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