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DSCENE GUIDE: How To Look Stylish Every Day

Here are a few tips on looking stylish every day

DSCENE GUIDE How To Look Stylish Every Day
Photography by ©Katie Borrazzo

We all have an intrinsic sense of style but with a busy schedule, it can be hard to put that into practice daily. The most fashionable people out there usually have a system set up to make it easier for them to buy, access, and wear clothing pieces, footwear, and accessories that best compliment their body, features, and preferences. However, all stylish outfits do not need to be very expensive or curated, usually, a combination of a few simple elements can really elevate your look. Here are a few tips on looking stylish every day.

Organization Solves It All

A busy work life can really lessen the time you have to work with in order to look your best every day. Organize your wardrobe so that your favorite pieces are always easily accessible with seasonal clothes being kept in a separate area if possible or in storage. Accessibility works greatly to your advantage when you have less time to pull together a great look so organize your closet so that accessories, underwear, staples, shoes, etc all have separate compartments and it is easy for you to pick out what you need.

Most people have favorites in clothing that they re-wear all the time and a tip to use pieces that you aren’t using all that much is to style them in advance over the weekend and have the outfits ready to go. Loose shirts work well with tight pants and so forth so you want to have conflicting elements working together for a chic and stylish outfit. Consider making a capsule wardrobe that lays out all your neutral staples for easy use in the office.

Photography by ©Katie Borrazzo

Commit To What You Love

Most of us have made the mistake of purchasing clothes, shoes, and accessories simply because they were trendy at the time. When shopping, always look for pieces that represent your sense of style, personality, and what suits your own body type. Steer clear of buying trendy pieces that may go out of fashion quickly as their resale value will similarly be limited especially if they have been purchased at the high street. Every few months do a detailed perusal of your wardrobe and pick out items you haven’t worn in forever or ones that don’t inspire joy when you look at them.

If you have pieces that don’t fit properly or aren’t ones you regularly opt for, consider doing a closet cleanse and selling them on websites for preloved clothing or donating them to a charity.  This way you will have both money and space left for pieces that truly inspire you and make you look your best. Items that you consider mediocre should be in the pile to go because your closet needs to be a collection of brilliantly styled items that look great on your body type.

Out With The Old, In With The New

It is a common misconception that you are supposed to keep clothes for years and years until they fall apart. Clothes are like any other item you need to replace regularly, they can wear out, lose their color and shape and trends can massively change as well which means if your clothes are more than 10 years old they are probably making you look dated and uninspired. Even with classic colors and cuts such as the perfect black dress, you still want to be updating your wardrobe a couple of times a year to make sure all your clothing fits you right and accentuates your body. You don’t always need to purchase new items for each event or gathering as going for a Zimmermann dress hire is a convenient and stylish option.

Photography by ©Katie Borrazzo

Neutrals and Black

When you want to look stylish on a daily basis without compromising your finances, you’ll find having staple basics in black or an otherwise neutral color palette that you can mix and match to create several new outfits is a great option. A classic nude or black heel or a black dress or a few beige, white, and black silk blouses for example make it easy to upscale your look without spending on an entirely new outfit.

These pieces in your wardrobe are exceptionally convenient for traveling as well as by swapping one item for another, you have a brand new look and that saves you from having to pack too much. If you have a brilliant staple shoe like a black heel that you want to use well, art resin or other repair materials can be a handy item to keep on hand for a quick fix.

Images from DSCENE STYLE STORIES: Morningside Light by Katie Borrazzo – See the full story here


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