What To Consider When Building An Affordable Housing Community

These are the things you need to factor into your plans

What To Consider When Building An Affordable Housing Community

Affordable housing communities improve the mood of residents and increase social connections, according to studies. 49% of Americans say that affordable housing is a problem where they live, which is why building affordable housing communities is so important. But before you start work on your new development, you must make sure you’ve considered everything that residents will want. These are the things you need to factor into your plans.

Suitable location

Some states have more affordable housing than others, including North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Iowa. Ideally, you need to build an affordable housing community in states where affordable properties are sparse, such as Hawaii and Alaska. You also need to think about local amenities and transport when finding the ideal spot to build your housing development on. Neighborhood amenities that are the most important are grocery stores, schools, parks, and entertainment. If public transport is poor, your property could soon become unaffordable as people will have to spend excess cash traveling.

Value for money

In today’s climate, people need to know that the property they’re buying is value for money. On average, Americans spend almost 35% of their monthly expenses on housing, so they’re already exceeding the recommended 30%. Joining a Homeowner’s Association (HOA) is one way to ensure your community is well looked after. A good HOA will keep on top of repairs, maintenance, pest control, landscaping, and more. You should keep a close eye on the HOA management company you use. If they provide a low-quality service, don’t enforce your community’s rules, or your residents complain because they’ve had to pay for their own repairs, then you may wonder how to change a HOA management company. You’ll have to give notice to do this and you may have to pay a cancellation fee. But it can be worth it to keep your housing community happy and to keep their housing costs as low as possible.

Good landscaping

Curb appeal is so important to homebuyers as it increases a property’s value and gives a great first impression. In a housing community, curb appeal refers to individual properties as well as the surrounding area, so your whole development needs to look good. Landscaping is key. Smooth pathways, manicured lawns, neatly trimmed bushes, and blossoming flowers make the world of difference. It also provides a good community space for homeowners to enjoy, relax, and socialize in. Green spaces are so important as they encourage exercise and promote a healthy mind, so the more your development has, the more it will appeal to homebuyers and renters.

What To Consider When Building An Affordable Housing Community

Secure parking

More than 227 million people drive in America. Allocated parking is a must for most drivers and you should think about this when designing your housing community. A better option is to build a secure parking lot within your development. Latest figures show that auto thefts increased by 16.5% in 2021 compared to 2019’s figures. In some areas, including New York and Chicago, carjacking crime rates increased by more than 200%. Your parking lot needs to have an electronic entry and exit system, good lighting, and CCTV. Don’t forget to make it accessible to all. Electric vehicle charging points will be needed, as well as larger spaces for disabled drivers, and designated spots for families with young children. Most of all, ensure it can only be accessed by the people living in your property community.

On-site facilities

One of the biggest benefits of housing communities is the onsite facilities that they offer. The cost of living is currently at an all-time high and more than 23 million households are finding it tough to make ends meet. Building on-site facilities as part of your housing community helps to make them affordable and accessible for people. For example, on-site child care cuts the cost of traveling to child care facilities elsewhere in town. A library, financial support team, and training facilities can also help people and will attract them to your development.

Housing communities help to bring people together. Making them affordable will attract a wider range of people and will help to provide housing to those most in need in the country. Just make sure you follow these tips when planning and developing your community.


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