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Fall Is In the Air: Tips for Choosing Your Fall Wardrobe

Your fall capsule wardrobe should reflect your style, whether it’s casual and comfy, or polished and trendy.

Marta Maciejewska
Photo Wojtek Wojtczak for DSCENE.

Soon, the air will be getting crisper, the leaves will start to turn, and everyone’s thoughts will venture into the crisp, fragrant scents of fall. Finally, autumn is coming, so it’s time to get ready.

Fall is more than nights by the fireplace sipping from mugs of hot cocoa, however. It’s also about cozy sweaters, hoodies, and a revamp of your fall wardrobe. So while most of us can’t afford to shop at the latest fall reveal of the Haute Couture Collection, there’s still quite a bit we can do to ready our wardrobe for fall.

Below you’ll find a few tips you need to follow when transitioning your summer wardrobe to cozy autumn attire.

Marta Maciejewska
Photo Wojtek Wojtczak for DSCENE.

Get Back to the Basics

The first thing you want to do is get back to basics with the undergarments you will wear this upcoming fall season. Since your undergarments are the foundation of your wardrobe, it’s important not to skip over or move fast when choosing them.

Remember, a general rule to follow is to ensure that everything that touches your skin is made without toxic chemicals, dyes, or any type of fabric made from oil or plastic. This will help you avoid your skin becoming irritated and give you maximum breathing room.

Start With a Great Pair of Jeans

Jeans, as we all know, go with everything from hoodies to cozy sweaters and flannel shirts to cute tops. Invest in at least two pairs of quality, well-fitting denim jeans, and you’ll have them for a good long time.

Besides, a great pair of jeans can be used for those long hikes in the woods to watch the leaves fall or for a casual night out on the town. Jeans are suitable attire for just about any occasion.

Wojtek Wojtczak
Photo Wojtek Wojtczak for DSCENE.

Inspect Your Fall and Winter Sweaters

Once you’ve got that great pair of jeans, you need to pull out your sweaters, hoodies, turtlenecks, and sweater dresses, then inspect them to see if they’re suitable for wearing this fall and winter again. The ones you’ve outgrown can be donated or even sold if they are in great shape.

Throw out the clothes that aren’t fit to wear any longer to make room for replacements in your closet. The sweaters and fall attire you have left need to be hung front and center in your closet where they can be reached when needed. You can also follow these tips to keep your sweaters nice for many years to come.

Inspect Your Scarf Collection

According to the climate you live in, scarves will be a big part of your fall and winter seasons. Not only are scarves essential for adding an extra layer of chillier days, but they can also bring a touch of elegance to almost any outfit.

They also come in many different styles, colors, and fabrics, so you should never have difficulty finding one to suit your fall wardrobe. At the end of summer, take the scarf collection you already own and inspect them just as you did your fall and winter sweaters. Throw out or donate what you can’t use anymore, then store the rest within easy reach.

It’s recommended that you have at least four or five scarves in your autumn wardrobe at all times.

Choose Warm, Neutral Colors

Fall is all about cozy nights, crisp days, and warm colors. Choose colors for your wardrobe that are earthy, warm, and neutral. Make sure that whichever clothes you choose work with your skin tone as well for the best results.

If you love the fall season like us, these few tips will help you get your wardrobe ready for the crisp fall days to come, so you can enjoy the activities that only the fall season can bring.

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Images by Wojtek Wojtczak for DSCENE.

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