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How Paris Saint-Germain Became a Worldwide Fashion Brand

Paris Saint-Germain a football club has slowly turned into a fashion brand of it’s own, DSCENE editors trail the PSG fashion route:

Air Jordan 5 PSG
The Air Jordan 5 Low from PSG Collaboration – photo courtesy of ©NIKE

Paris Saint-Germain is currently one of the most well known French football (soccer) clubs on the planet. Also known as PSG the club is a home of some of the most prolific football players of our time. The PSG jerseys are worn by the likes of Kylian Mbappé, Neymar, Leo Messi, Carlos Soler and Marcos Aoás Corrêa. The men’s team is managed by Christophe Galtier to great success in the past years. Part of the club’s success story is also the Paris Saint-Germain Féminine as one of the most successful female football clubs on the planet headlined by stars such as Marie-Antoinette Katoto, Kheira Hamraoui and Sakina Karchaoui.

PSG a club based in Paris started its journey in 1971, both men’s and women’s clubs from the start showed notable success. The Paris Saint-Germain Féminine from its start has great results in the Division 1 of the women’s rankings. The success of the men’s club corresponds to the popularity of the men’s division. Throughout the decades the team has won multiple French Cups and today is regularly one of the top ranked clubs in the UEFA Champions League. Today the club is sponsored by QATAR Airways while in charge of the jerseys is NIKE, dressing both the men’s and women’s Paris SG players.

Today the club is owned by Qatar Sports Investments under the helm of CEO Nasser Al-Khelaifi and its official home is close to the 50k capacity stadium in Paris – Parc des Princes. The PSG story is a textbook example of some of the most successful football clubs out there. Since 2011 with the takeover of the Qatari investment group the profits have skyrocketed. The club is today estimated to be one of the top 10 highest earners in the football industry. Yearly estimates in revenue rank the club in the bracket between 500 and 600 million Euros, with data coming from the world renowned accounting agency Deloitte. Today PSG is one of the most valuable football clubs, with Forbes estimating its 2022 net worth up to a staggering 9 figure 3,2 billion mark and growing!

The popularity of the players massively contributes to the club’s success, with stars such as Mbappé, Messi and Sakina Karchaoui garnering massive social media attention. The club not only influences the football industry but also with the popularity of its players impacts the garment industry as well. The jersey sponsorship by NIKE is reportedly worth 75 million euros, per season! This longstanding partnership brought forward both the team but also Nike. The two merged in 1989 and the contract stands solid with the first long renewal signed back in 2013. The contract which expired earlier this summer, was renewed in June for an 80 million euro yearly fee.

The agreement – reportedly worth around 75 million euros per season – continues a relationship that began in 1989. Nike last renewed their contract in December 2013 and have now added a further decade to a deal that was due to expire in 2022.Jun 28, 2022

©HUBLOT, Photography by Ezra Petronio – following a years long collaboration between PSG and Hublot, the next chapter was enlisting Kylian Mbappe as the face of the luxury watch earlier this year. 

PSG x Hublot Chapter

Paris SG did not stop its fashion adventure with the Nike deal, the year the decade-long contract was signed with Nike the heads of the club extended the PSG universe into the timepiece industry. Breaking a deal with no other but top Swiss watchmaker Hublot. The collaboration resulted in a series of noted PSG x HUBLOT watches, many to this day a collectors item. The watchmaker also ventured into sponsoring PSG players individually, with Hublot King Power Paris Saint-Germain watch becoming one of the watchmakers most successful models. While the PSG x Hublot collection is no longer in production, the watchmaker is now teaming up with the team’s most popular face. Kylian Mbappé in March 2022 was announced as the new Hublot ambassador, the worth of the deal with LVMH owned Swiss luxury maker was not disclosed. Media is speculating the worth of the campaign alone is between 1 and 2 million euros.

PSG Edifice
Photo Courtesy of ©EDIFICE

PSG x ÉDIFICE Collaboration

In 2015 Paris Saint-Germain extended its venture into the fashion industry. The PSG teams up with Japanese fashion house EDIFICE (not to be confused with the watchmaker) for a much talked about capsule collection inspired by the football team. The collection made its debut in Fall Winter 2018 season, giving the PSG club a taste of the fashion industry collaborating with streetwear brands of the moment.

T-shirt from the Bathing Ape – BAPE x Paris Saint-Germain collaboration

PSG x BAPE Brings The Streetwear Closer

BAPE enters the game in 2018, with PSG looking to extend its fashion collaborations. The deal with the streetwear brand brought a capsule collection with a focus on t-shirts, hoodies but also outerwear. The instantly recognizable BAPE ape and shark graphics merged with PSG logo as well as signature colours are now a true collector’s item. At the moment there is no talk of another PSG x BAPE collaboration in the works.

The sole of the The Air Jordan 5 Low from PSG Collaboration sports a Paris SG logo – photo courtesy of ©NIKE

PSG x Air Jordan

The PSG and Air Jordan collaboration comes quite naturally for the football club who as we already talked about has a long running successful business with Nike. The collaboration brought out a completely new world for Nike and Paris SG to explore. The sneakers are now available in multiple editions, hard to exist by any of the PSG fans; the sneakers also push the boundaries between streetwear and sportswear. The PSG x Air Jordan collaboration also continuously brings out the new Paris SG Nike jerseys, but also focuses on sports apparel and training gear. For Nike PSG collaborations are the most lucrative sports team ups, bringing both the football club and the sportswear brand beyond the PSG jersey world which is an industry of it’s own. This decades-long partnership allowed both to develop a fashion business as lucrative and important as the game itself.

Courtesy of ©DIOR, Photography by Brett Lloyd

PSG x Dior Collaboration

Lastly, the rise of the PSG collection brought unexpected collaborations between a football club and a luxury fashion house. The PSG x Dior collaboration is a true crown jewel, the mother of all fashion sportswear club collaborations. At this point LVMH, the owner of Dior, was already familiar with Pair Saint Germain after their collaborations under Hublot. However this collaboration simply brought something new for both Dior and PSG. The legendary Parisian maison this time collaborated under its Men’s Creative Director Kim Jones on a collection of classical black suits as formalwear, but also classic and timeless men’s outerwear pieces, accessory and knitwear. The collection was revealed exactly a year ago, with a video and sketches released by the Dior team. This collaboration extended into the massively popular Kylian Mbappe becoming the face of Dior only a couple of months later.

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