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Best Basketball Shoes For Guards In 2022 So Far

This post will discuss the best basketball sneakers for point guards in 2022

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Guards are key ball handlers of any basketball team. In addition to controlling the game, guards are also in charge of planning the offense. In general, point guards are lighter, quicker, and more agile players. They serve as the team’s leader on the court, therefore they require supportive shoes that can move with them as they change directions and keep control of the ball. But what constitutes the ideal guard shoe?

To optimize their mobility on the court, guards require basketball shoes that are lightweight and responsive. It should have excellent traction that will grip the ground and let them easily change directions without unnecessarily limiting their range of motion.

With all this in mind, we have compiled a list of the top five basketball shoes for guards. They are listed below, along with their most important characteristics.

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Nike PG 6

Basketball shoes from the Paul George Signature Collection are excellent performers. The Nike PG 6 is the follow up to the Nike PG 5. The technical specifications of these sneakers have been significantly changed from their predecessor, thus they should deliver an updated experience. The shoe, which uses Nike’s React foam, is the first in the Paul George signature line to use an entirely foam-based cushioning system. The grip and cushioning are excellent, and the shoe works admirably all around.

The upper of the Nike PG 6 is made of mesh, which provides outstanding comfort and overall stability. The robust but soft top cloth provides appropriate support without sacrificing the pair’s suppleness.

The traction patterns on the PG 6 now include omnidirectional, lunar-based, and circular pod treads. The traction pattern enables the user to come to a complete halt on the spot. Furthermore, the extreme traction works in any direction, not only forward sprints.

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Air Jordan 36

The Air Jordan 36 follows the Jordan brand’s recent trend, picking up where the previous two models left off. The lightweight jacquard leno-weave upper has subtle references to the original Air Jordan 6 from 1991, such as an overlay patch above the laces. The midsole features a full-length Zoom Air Strobel unit supported by a Zoom Air Unit that extends from the forefoot. The Eclipse Plate, which appeared on the Air Jordan 34 and 35, is also employed in the midfoot for further support, and the outsole includes the tried-and-true herringbone grip. This shoe offers incredible making it effective on both clean and dirty courts.

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Puma MB.01

The Puma MB.01 is a fantastic, all-around on-court performer. The Puma MB.01 is Charlotte Hornets star LaMelo Ball‘s debut signature shoe with iconic footwear company PUMA. The PUMA MB.01 features a “disruptive upper”, a 3D-printed design constructed of synthetic textile mesh, which is meant to be both light and breathable.

One of the finest features of the PUMA MB.01 is its traction performance. The key is in the rubber compound’s non-slip properties, which provide excellent grip when you glide your feet. If you want to utilize the PUMA MB.01 as your go-to shoe, the longevity of the outsole is further increased by this non-slip rubber combination.

The supportive, light-weight woven fabric paired with a well-balanced version of Nitro Fusion foam for comfort, and great gripping traction make this shoe an excellent performer. Not simply a superb set of basketball shoes for point guards, but unquestionably among the best available today.

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Nike Kyrie Infinity

The Nike Kyrie Infinity is Kyrie Irving‘s 2021/22 signature sneaker. To make this shoe a true performer, several components from the previous two models as well as more recent Nike basketball products have been utilized.

Along with the Kyrie 6, the Nike Kyrie Infinity is the greatest sneaker in Kyrie’s trademark line and an amazing all-around performance model. In addition to a big volume Zoom strobel unit in the forefoot and another standard unit in the heel, the shoe delivers a wonderful combination of characteristics. Additionally, the lockdown is great, and the upper is made of some high-quality materials.

Although the cushioning system is more on the soft side and the traction does take some time to break in, it is still a fantastic performance model.

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Curry Flow 9

Stephen Curry may have a more practical connection with his shoes than any other NBA player. The fact that the league’s all-time top 3 point shooter struggled to stay on the floor due to ankle issues before becoming legendary is mostly ignored. In light of this, whatever footwear Curry and his group approve must offer impact prevention and ankle support. This is a characteristic of his releases, and the ninth iteration of his line is no exception.

The Curry Flow 9 immediately conforms to the contour of your foot. It has a heel drop that increases the guard’s burst when they need a little lift, and its midsole is robust enough to handle strong planting and direction changes. Furthermore, the Armor Curry 6 provides players with a superb court feel, making them excellent for explosive drives and rapid crossovers. Because this pair was designed exclusively for guards, the impact protection has been kept to a minimum, but the cushioning is rather strong.

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