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Best Basketball Shoes In 2022 So Far

Read on to find the best basketball sneakers for 2022, so you can dominate the court

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When it comes to playing basketball, having a comfortable pair of basketball shoes is essential. But which shoes would be ideal for you? Whether you want to play competitively or simply play pick-up hoops with a friend, it’s critical to choose the appropriate basketball footwear before you step onto the court. Basketball is a footwork sport, and the shoes you wear have a significant influence on your safety and success on the court. Running, jumping, fast stops, and abrupt direction changes are all part of the game. Some of these movements can be supported by regular sneakers, but only the appropriate basketball shoes can support them all.

Some shoes are the best all-arounders, while others are the best at a particular feature like grip or cushioning. Our DSCENE editors evaluated various basketball shoes from the most popular brands to determine the best options available today. Below, take a look at our list of the ten best basketball sneakers to buy right now.

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Air Jordan 36

Michael Jordan’s 36th signature shoe demonstrates that his line is continuing to deliver the most cutting-edge technologies from Nike and Jordan Brand. The lightweight jacquard leno-weave upper has discreet nods to the 1991 original Air Jordan 6 such as the overlay patch above the laces. Similar to the KD 15, the midsole has a full-length Zoom Air Strobel unit that is supplemented by a Zoom Air Unit that extends from the forefoot. Eclipse Plate, a recurring feature on the Air Jordan 34 and 35, is also used in the midfoot for extra support, and the outsole has tried-and-true herringbone grip. The Air Jordan 37, being the most recent addition to the Air Jordan line-up, is likewise a viable option. The sneaker has a design reminiscent of the acclaimed Air Jordan 7.

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Nike KD 15

The Nike KD 15 may be one of the top performance sneakers on the market.The Nike KD 15 has been upgraded with fresh technology while maintaining the lower cut of fan favorites like the KD 4, 6, and 7. For improved cushioning while playing, these come with a full-length Zoom Air Strobel unit and a Cushlon foam midsole. A midfoot cage acts as a containment device and is reminiscent of early Nike Basketball models like the Air Jet Flight. The top is made of textile materials. The Nike KD 15’s traction is a prominent attribute. It works very well on all kind of courts and bites. The cushioning combines court feel, responsiveness, bounciness, and impact protection in a special unique way. The fabrics are comfortable to play in and properly adapt to your feet. The shoe is more adaptable to various foot shapes and fits better than prior KD versions.

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Jordan Luka 1

The Jordan Luka 1 is an amazing first venture into the world of signature sneakers for Luka Doncic. When creating this model, Jordan’s designers took into account his deceptive, off-speed style of play and opted to develop a low-cut shoe to go along with his rapid moves on the court. Inside the midsole is a brand-new IsoPlate system infused with Formula 23 performance foam. By encircling the lateral forefoot area to keep wearers locked in firmly, the IsoPlate foot structure secures the foot from front to back, and the Formula 23 foam helps with responsiveness for side-to-side actions like defensive slips and quick Euro steps. For extra support, the top part has breathable Flightwire cable technology. The signature sneaker offers excellent traction. It bites hard in all directions and has a sticky feeling.

The new Formula 23 foam from Jordan Brand feels superior than React when used. The cushioning is responsive and low to the ground. The side pods and the distinctive shank plate used in the shoe provide support and containment while also providing some springback. The materials work well and feel comfortable on your feet.

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Puma MB.01

Puma has been making a comeback in the basketball world for a few years now. The Puma MB.01, the brand’s latest collaboration with LaMelo Ball, has become its most recognizable basketball shoe to date. The Rick and Morty collab and “Galaxy” colorway of the MB.01 impress in terms of performance and looks. In 2022, we also have the MB.01 Low, which is quite similar to the original shape, with the key change being a slightly lower cut that allows for more ankle flexibility.

Puma’s Nitro foam is a balanced cushioning system that provides impact protection as well as responsiveness. The fit might be snug, but the materials are pleasant and work admirably. The sneaker also includes strong support elements to keep your foot safe and secure. Overall, the Puma MB.01 Low follows Puma’s tradition of producing high-quality performance sneakers. You can’t go wrong with lows in the summer, and the casual appearance of these shoes is an added benefit.

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Nike Kyrie Low 5

The Nike Kyrie 5 low is the fifth model in Kyrie Irving‘s signature line of footwear, which includes some of Nike’s most well-known sneakers. Since its introduction in April 2022, the Nike Kyrie Low 5 has received various vivid Summer hues as well as the original “Bred” colorway, and its performance on the court should not be overlooked. Overall, the Puma MB.01 Low follows Puma’s tradition of producing high-quality performance basketball shoes.

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Under Armour Curry Flow 9

The Under Armour Curry 9 Flow, which was first made available in November 2021, focused on raising the standard of its predecessors’ materials while preserving the legendary traction performance that it has always been renowned for. The materials of the Curry 9 Flow were significantly improved in response to requests from Curry line consumers for a more premium feel. Under Armour’s patented upper technology, UA WARP, renowned for combining extreme durability with a lightweight feel is included in the Curry 9 Flow.

The Curry 9 Flow’s upper doesn’t require any break-in time at all, making it possible to play in them straight away without experiencing any stiffness or limitations. Mesh also makes up the foundation layer, and the heel area is covered in more expensive and durable synthetic nubuck leather. The Curry 9 Flow could be remembered as the greatest model in the Curry range. It took the outstanding stability and traction characteristics of the Curry 8 Flow and enhanced it by using more high-end materials and adding additional padding.

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Adidas Trae Young 1

Last season saw the release of Trae’s first trademark sneaker, and it will be back in 2022–2023 to create waves. There are a few distinctive design elements in the adidas Trae Young 1. The sole unit is the main draw here, however the low-top silhouette does include a laceless design. The ergonomic midsole provides support and comfort where you need it, while the multidirectional ridged outsole firmly anchors you to the hardwood.

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Nike Lebron 20

The Nike LeBron 20 (sometimes known as the LeBron XX) is LeBron James’ twentieth Nike signature sneaker. The LeBron 20 is stylistically different from the previous Nike LeBrons in that it has a lot more understated design, yet its performance is still as strong as ever. It meets the needs of athletes who wish to move quickly on the court as well as those who need a lot of impact protection. The fact that this shoe has the look for off-court use is already a plus.

Air Zoom serves as its foundation. While the 13 millimeter Zoom bag in the heel is fully charged for support, the forefoot Zoom is top-loaded. The midsole of the shoe has Cushlon and a carbon fiber midfoot shank. In addition to providing fantastic grip, the Nike LeBron 20 has a comfortable, responsive cushioning setup. The materials are lightweight, comfortable, and containing. Your foot can fit inside it comfortably.

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Nike Zoom GT Cut 2

The Nike Zoom GT Cut has been hailed as one of the most sought-after cutting-edge technology systems of the last ten years thanks to its enhanced traction pattern. The Nike Sport Research Lab’s vast experience and history allowed the model to be supplied with high-end improvements from every aspect of Nike’s technological arsenal as part of the company’s Greater Than series.

The Air Zoom GT Cut 2 has already been released in a variety of colorways. The silhouette uses a new, enhanced traction design to enable precise, rapid cuts on the court. It was created for “players who generate and close space in an instant to keep opponents off balance.” The wiper-blade design on the outsole has deep tread grooves, and there is an additional area of nubbed traction in the forefoot. A lighter midsole that has been cut out, a Zoom Air unit in the heel, and improved heel shape are among the supporting changes.

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Nike Cosmic Unity 2

The first Cosmic Unity was launched as part of Nike’s “Move to Zero” campaign because it combined an emphasis on raising the use rate of sustainable materials while maintaining its reputation as a court-ready shoe. Its successor, the Cosmic Unity 2, features improved technology and details for a higher resting shoe.

The Cosmic Unity 2 once again makes use of recycled materials with Nike’s Crater Foam, yet information about the plot and design have not yet been revealed. A strong “Siren Red,” “Coconut Milk,” and blue and yellow hues with colorful embellishments are among the four release designs.

The Cosmic Unity 2 employs a full-length Zoom Strobel, as do many other Nike sneakers. It performs admirably, seamlessly mixing cushioning with responsiveness. The materials witnessed the most advancement, as the sneaker is lighter this year without compromising performance.


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