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In Search of Infinite Pleasure: LELO DOT™ Pinpoint Clitoral Vibrator

LELO DOT™ offers a plethora of new levels of pleasure you didn’t know exist.

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The clitoris is the primary source of female sexual pleasure and for many women it is absolutely impossible to achieve an orgasm without clitoral stimulation. Penetration alone is just not enough for most people with vaginas and more than 70% of them need clitoral stimulation of some kind to reach the orgasm. If you’re looking for the best clitoral vibrator to achieve the intense (or multiple) big-O, LELO DOT™ pinpoint clit vibrator is a guaranteed way to take things to the next level.


Your clitoris has a single purpose – sexual pleasure, namely because it has the highest number of nerve endings responsible for sexual pleasure (around 8,000 to be exact).

The Swedish luxury sex toys brand, LELO is mixing the unique design with high end technology to offer the experience of ecstasy without shame. This month the company is launching a new pinpoint cliit vibrator – LELO DOT™, created for multiple endless orgasms. Unlike traditional vibrators that can numb the area around the clitoris and cause saturation, it uses the Infinite Loop™ Technology for climaxing with unmatched precision and ease.

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Inspired by the infinity symbol, the massager has a solid body with a flexible tip to excite your clitoris. The shape of the pinpoint vibrator provides a revolutionary elliptical movement with pinpoint precision. The soft silicone tip provides physical stimulation in a way that can create a more intense sensation compared to classic style devices.

It comes in 3 colorways, including pink, aqua and lilac, and it’s made out of the ultra-smooth premium silicone, extra soft to the touch.

Infinite Loop™ Technology & Elliptical Motion

Combining unique elliptical motion and soft and bendable tip, the Infinite Loop™ Technology offers unmatched stimulation with absolute precision across the clitoris and any external erogenous zone. While the classical vibrators have a motion that moves in circles (which can actually prevent you to experience multiple orgasms due to saturation), LELO DOT™ follows an elliptical trajectory. This allows a completely different feel, with constant surprises. Infinite Loop™ Technology enables pinpoint precision that is tailor made for reaching multiple orgasms in a row without feeling the numbness of traditional vibrators. – how the brand describes it.

Courtesy of © LELO

Multiple Climaxes

It is proven that people with vagina can experience different types, as well as the multiple orgasms, but they need to work hard to get to that point. With LELO DOT™ this is made easy. It’s advance technology offers a concentrated orgasm that is completely different from any other you’ve experienced so far. Used on the exterior of the body, it allows for different sensations – either more soft and diffused or strong and focused – depending on applied pressure and angle of use. The astonishing power of this movement provides a new type of orgasm that feels much stronger and more focused, allowing for unlimited, multiple climaxes. – from LELO.

Intensity Control

Concentrating on one small pleasure point, LELO DOT™ offers eight different vibration options, varying in intensity from a teasing murmur to a satisfying pulse. You can also control the intensity by simply pressing it harder against the pleasure point.

Courtesy of © LELO

Personal Experience

Light and very easy to use, LELO DOT™ is perfect choice for a beginner at the start of their journey, but also for the experienced users. It feels just right however you decide to maneuver it and it is great for discovering what sensations you actually like. By simply shifting the angle of the toy, you can achieve a new type of orgasm that feels much stronger and more focused. The massager allows a versatile approach to self-pleasure, and can be used on other external erogenous zones.

LELO DOT™ Clitoral Pinpoint Vibrator is covered in a flexible layer of super-soft silicone that moves with you. It is the ultimate choice to explore and awaken your senses. Whether you are searching for solo play toy or want to spice up your partner sex, it can do both. Oh, and the orgasms are just unforgettable.

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