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6 Ways to Take Your Look to the Next Level

Continue reading to learn the quickest methods to elevate your look

Photography by ©Julia Sariy

Even the most seasoned sartorialists like to switch up their look from time to time. Whether you have a capsule wardrobe or you stay current on trends and always have the latest “it” item, there are tons of motivators for wanting to take your aesthetic to the next level. While trends come and go, there are several timeless ways to up the ante regarding your aesthetic. If you’re stuck in a fashion rut and need some inspiration, keep reading for the easiest ways to take your look to the next level.

Devil’s in the Details

When looking polished and pulled together, you must remember that the devil is always in the details. Make sure your clothing fits how it’s intended, any stray threads are cut off, and your clothing is steamed or ironed. Details also come in beautiful design, so investing in the highest quality clothing you can afford is essential. Not only does fine clothing fit you better, but you’ll also wear it more often, which can last a lifetime. Lastly, details like the final additions of glasses, jewelry, or a scarf can make or break your look; choose them wisely and go with one statement at a time.

Photography by ©Julia Sariy

Signature Smells

On top of an eye for details, which includes immaculate grooming, having a signature scent is a game changer. While you don’t want to douse yourself in half a bottle of perfume or cologne, you want to leave a beautiful impression after a hug or close encounter. If you don’t already have a favorite, testing different scents to find one that works with your natural chemistry is key. It’s easy to try out new scents when you buy authentic discount cologne and perfume online. Maybe you’re a Chanel No. 5 person; perhaps Sweet Like Candy is a better fit. Whichever cologne or perfume you select should be spritzed on before you head out the door each day.

Declutter Your Closet

Decision fatigue is real, and so is shopping for your fantasy self. If we’re all being honest, we wear about 20 percent of our clothing, and the rest hangs there, never to be worn because it isn’t flattering, outdated, or uncomfortable. Reduce your time spent getting ready and ensure you look phenomenal by decluttering anything in your wardrobe that you don’t feel confident about. This is not only great for taking your look to the next level, but studies have shown that reduced clutter is also beneficial to your mental health.

Photography by ©Julia Sariy

Designer Pieces

Even the most frugal of consumers can see the value in designer pieces. Designer items are an investment and are often bought for life, meaning that a $2000 handbag replaces the need for dozens of cheaper ones throughout your life. Not only do designer items like sunglasses, handbags, scarves, and shoes have the potential to boost your style score, they last a lifetime and work with all types of outfits. Most people have a design house whose style resonates with them, so whether you’re a Gucci girl or more Balenciaga, invest in pieces from them and keep them in your daily rotation.

Quality Textiles

In addition to investing in some core designer items, buying clothing in quality textiles can boost your aesthetic. Cotton, linen, and silk will always be more flattering, not to mention more comfortable. Synthetic fabrics are itchy and irritate some people’s skin. Not only will quality textiles look worlds better, but they’re also better for the world. Sustainable fashion isn’t going anywhere, so getting used to sourcing clothing only made from natural textiles is a decision about which you can look and feel good.

Curated Colors

While the debate is still out on whether we should only wear colors in our “season,” there is the truth that some people just don’t look good in yellow or orange. While black will always reign supreme in the fashion world, it’s still worth finding the colors that look best on you and curating a wardrobe filled with them. It may seem like a no-brainer, but if you don’t know which colors you look best, your look will never reach its highest potential.

Finding a local tailor to help you mend your investment pieces and size dresses, pants, and jackets to your current weight is another way to ensure a beautiful aesthetic. By using the above ways as a starting point, you’ll be sure to look and feel your best every day. Now, get glowing!

Images from DSCENE STYLE STORIES: Eat Life by Julia Sariy – See the full story here

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