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The Most Important Bag Trends That Will Shape 2023

Continue reading to find more about the incredible bag trends that will rule in 2023

Bernadette van Wijlen
Photography by ©Julie Vielvoije for DSCENE

Design weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris took up the full month of September as each fashion house debuted its interpretation of the Spring/Summer 2023 season. Even if 2023 is still a few months away, it is already obvious what kinds of designs will make us shine in the new year. The same is true with bags, whose top design for the upcoming year is already apparent. For the last season, the most sought-after bag styles were dominated by maximalism, but the trends for 2023 are more streamlined, understated, and polished. As a matter of fact, understated luxury can now be considered the dominant trend for 2023. The upcoming bag collection will surely include both new and old-fashioned designs. A silver bag, a pop bag, a simple and stylish handbag, or a statement bag: these are just a few of the many amazing styles we can expect for the upcoming year. Many collections, such as Neo Pop de Lancel, will include big, simple, and timeless handbags, featured by an essential yet special style, perfect for everyday life and elegant parties as well. Keep reading to learn more about the amazing bag trends that will dominate in 2023.

Back to Work

The runways for Spring/Summer 2023 advanced fashion with modern designs of amazing work bags, such as simple and structured handbags, with a casual-chic design and a great variety of colors. The colors that will rule the catwalks in the coming months will be purple, orange, and dark green, adding even more glimmer to the winter.

Julie Vielvoije
Photography by ©Julie Vielvoije for DSCENE

Silver bags

A great time is being had with silver and sparkling colors and designs. The shining color is used in the design of bags, jewelry, and shoes as well. What led designers to opt for this new shimmery trend is definitely the widespread desire for a little understated glamour and to make a clear fashion statement. This can apply to a beautiful everyday bag, to a pop bag, or to a party or tote bag as well. It doesn’t matter what kind of bag you’re carrying: silver bags feature an upscale elegance and a timeless vibe, a real statement piece that can easily elevate a more minimalistic outfit.

Big Bags

Who said that attractive pop bags had to be small? Large purses may add style and sophistication to any ensemble. Just pick the appropriate design and style and you’ll be set. This season, maximalists can breathe a sigh of relief, for new trends will feature bags that have enough space to fit all of their daily essentials. The new collections in 2023 will feature amazing new designs, such as traditional handbag shapes with enlarged dimensions to enable maximal packing while enhancing any kind of outfit and style.

Subtly adorned

This year, a wide range of bags embellished with feathers, large buttons, pearls, and other materials were displayed on the catwalks. Some magnificent and gorgeous briefcases with stunning sequin trim were on display at the most recent fashion shows to steal the show.

Julie Vielvoije
Photography by ©Julie Vielvoije for DSCENE

Pockets and Pouches

The alternate bags for the winter of 2022-2023 are all gorpcore and have a ton of zippers, bags, and pockets. The go-to bags in a very fashionable emergency were multi-pocket shoulder bags and belt bags from the top designers’ collections, unlike anything we’ve ever seen. This also holds true for backpacks and briefcases, which are quite statement-making accessories for busy working women. They have zippers, large buttons, and enormous pockets.

Double Handbags

One of the most unique innovations from the new collections for 2023 is this. When you can carry two bags, why carry only one? That’s what double bags are for, to offer a useful yet fashionable answer to doing daily errands. Not to mention that it is indeed a style able to enrich and enhance any look and style.

Chain Bags

Even the most ardent minimalists can appreciate the subtle edge that chain hardware adds for the winter season. Many of the best bag designers in the world used color-coordinated chains to create monochrome statements. It’s a great tool for making stylish bags for parties and flaunting at the world’s most famous restaurants, but it’s also great for giving life to grungy-looking bags for people who love to dress differently.

Images from DSCENE STYLE STORIES: Down at the Beach by Julie Vielvoije – See the full story here

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