Discover DESIGN SCENE Magazine Issue 024 featuring cover star Charli Howard, fashion stories + exclusive interviews with Rebecca leveille Guay and Ruben van Megen.

Specs: Standard 8.25? x 10.75? 100 pages Perfect-bound

Contributing Photographers: Daniel Korzewa, Helen Eriksson, Juankr, Lisa Carletta, Pim van Baalen, Rhys Frampton, Stéphane Coutelle, Yugo Takahashi.
Contributing Stylists: Alton Hetariki, Bernadette van Wijlen, Marti Arcucci, Michelle Carroll, Michelle Davis, Natalia Chomik, Pierre Gorzala , Roderick Hawthorne.

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The 23rd issue brings together truly inspiring creatives both in the world of fashion, art and design, starting with our cover star Charli Howard who redefined a view of the modelling industry. Charli both with her work and newly released book “Misfit” in which she holds nothing back gave us a new outtake on life as well as the fashion industry. Joining Charli for interviews in this issue is also the superstar illustrator turned much talked about painter Rebecca leveille Guay. Just like Charli, Rebecca found her own way to redefine feminism at the same time creating a powerful statement. While the design world comes close with our interview with the breakthrough star of design, Ruben van Megen whose designs mix the outlook of classical and contemporary art in a refreshing new manner.