Discover DESIGN SCENE Magazine Issue 024 featuring cover stars Amy Wesson and Yada Villaret, fashion stories + exclusive interviews with Kelly England Prehn, designers Tata Naka and Dawei as well as Inhouse architecture practice director Phillip Wyatt.

Specs: Standard 8.25? x 10.75? 98 pages Perfect-bound

Contributing Photographers: Suraj Nongmaithem, Pongsathon Sangchanrung, Arale Reartes, Jose Luis Sanchez, Filippo Del Vita, Isabella Sanfilippo, Tawfick, Ivan Genasi.
Contributing Stylists: Nixy Ning, Napakaporn Sanguanhong, Marti Arcucci, Damien Vaughan Shippee, Jenesee Utley, Anna Pastore.


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With fashion weeks in full swing we have already witnessed numerous runway collections and endless travelling that now goes along with these events. Therefore it feels like the right moment to sit down, take a breath and go through our new issue, which is our double month release – the July – August 2018 issue of our DESIGN SCENE magazine.

In the face of runway shows behind us and the ones to come, one cannot help but ask if the modelling world is shaped by the never ending relationship with uniformity. When a model turns into the girl of the season, books advertising shoots, fronts covers, takes record breaking runway walks and amasses social media following – her longed after popularity can, at a certain point, become off-putting. This process also explains the endless search for a new look and a refreshing perspective. No doubt fashion industry at moments encourages conformity, however each season a certain style becomes the dominant factor. Still what makes a true top model is their power to carry any design, with powerful and disconcerting response of otherness. Such are our cover girls the legendary supermodel Amy Wesson and the breakthrough star Yada Villaret.