The issue 17 of DSCENE celebrates the 15th anniversary of the magazine, with supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL and musician FUTURE on the cover, captured by photographer Lewis Mirrett.

For the cover, Future and Naomi are wearing total looks from BOSS Fall Winter 2022.23 collection.

Issue 17 of DSCENE Magazine also stars RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Star TAYCE, actress and transgender rights advocate ANGELICA ROSS, top model JEREMIAH BERKO FORDJOUR, and the promising TANYA DUARTE on the covers. It also features the interviews with designer Petar Petrov, actress Mireia Oriol, actor Jamie Hector, artists Mimosa EchardAnna Ehrenstein and Julius Hofman, architects Aurelien Chen and Architecture for London, and many more.

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Welcome to issue 17 of DSCENE magazine which celebrates the relationship fashion and design industry find within art, but also celebrates 15 years of our company. The DSCENE story started 15 years ago with a web page as a guide to everything we love, and everything we wanted to share.

Today, as it happens, we as a society are questioning the existence of print media, perhaps this long predicted demise was brought sooner by the still ongoing pandemic. Nevertheless for us at DSCENE, the love for the fabric of paper, as an integral part of the beautifully printed magazines is something we are not ready to give up. Luckily, neither our contributors and supporters. Whether the fashion magazine is to keep its form we are certainly to see in the coming months. Yet for us at DSCENE paper is still a vital element in the creative industry but also the art world.

In beauty, as in fashion, and in life, one size doesn’t fit all. Thus our DSCENE issue celebrates the various layers of beauty around us. From artists challenging the norm of an art form itself, to celebrities and supermodels gracing our covers. In more than five years since we started our print edition and 17 issues under the belt, we have published work of some of the most promising creatives and artists. Thrillingly our contributors became sought-after members of the industry, whose work on DSCENE pages inspired us as well as many of our readers and their colleagues.

When the DSCENE team gathered together to discuss this issue, in all honesty our anniversary was not the focal point. Yet what we were looking for is a party issue, hoping the gloomy days of the pandemic are behind us. Unfortunately, the politics around us brought us back to a war in Europe, where friends and fellow creatives in Ukraine are fighting for their lives. The moment for partying is something to leave for another date. Yet, celebrating the moments behind us, in the 15th year of DSCENE’s online life was necessary. Thus we ensembled cover stars celebrating the beauty of today but also a slew of talented new contributors and artists ready to change the world around us.

Our cover stars are with their every step reshaping the world around us. Such are Naomi Campbell and Future who are part of our BOSS story but more importantly are redefining the word boss itself. Joining them are Drag Race superstar Tayce who is now more than just a contestant on the show. Another inspiring cover star is Angelica Ross, actress and singer fighting for equality and putting a new spotlight on the trans community. While Actor Jamie Hector inspires us to continue our fighting for our passion and the community around us. Fashion that we so love at DSCENE is beautifully celebrated in the pages and two cover stories captured by Igor Cvoro starring Jeremiah Berko and Tanya Duarte in pieces from must-see top brands.

Meanwhile, I hope that the following pages of DSCENE might bring your own thoughts about celebration, in its varied manifestations. We live in an era of instantaneous communications, yet our own emotions are not always so easily accessed. Me as well as the DSCENE team hope these pages are to inspire you to pursue your passions and celebrate your talent.