W magazine: Bruce & Emma Willis by Steven Klein

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Magazine: W
Published: July 2009
Editorial: Honeymoon Hotel
Models: Bruce & Emma Willis
Styling by: Camilla Nickerson
Photography by Steven Klein 
Website: wmagazine.com
A word to the wise: If you’ve recently suffered a tough breakup, or are generally sullen or cynical regarding matters of the heart, avoid spending time in the company of newlyweds Bruce and Emma Willis. “We’re sickening,” Bruce says, shaking his head in mock disgust. “We make out in public. I know there’s some rule that you’re not supposed to be doing—what is it? Public displays of affection?” Read the rest HERE at Wmagazine, and click below for few more preview images of the Steven Klein’s Bruce and Emma Willis pictorial:

*Photo credit | W Magazine


  1. Nick Leonard says:

    Kinda creepy. Emma looks gorgeous.

  2. Nick Leonard says:

    Kinda creepy. Emma looks gorgeous.

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