Karen Elson by Tatiana Arocha and Jeff Nishinaka for DFS Galleria

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Karen Elson

Supermodel Karen Elson posing for the stellar DFS Galleria campaign shot under direction of Tatiana Arocha (Bernstein & Andriulli). Karen is posing alongside sublime paper sculpture masterfully created by Jeffrey Nishinaka (Bernstein & Andriulli). The campaign was created for T Gallerias, the brand's new generation of department stores.

"The brief consisted of images of models and products Photoshopped with paper sculptures I made for past projects, there was also a storyboard for a stop-action video … and the concept was to represent parts of Asia and Hawaii using a white, dreamy, and surreal landscape." – from  Jeff Nishinaka

These showstopping images for the first time combined paper craft by Nishinaka and people: "I was happy beyond expectations!" he remarked. "The look of wonderment in Karen's eyes just worked."

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Director of photography: David Griffiths
Producer: Gabrielle Lirot
Stop-motion animation: Taylor Jordan and Hayley Morris
Gaffer: Perry Styga
Compositing: Jose Luis Gonzalez
Rotoscoping: Owen Hammer
Agency: AR New York
Chief creative director: Raul Martinez
Executive creative director: David Israel
Website:  www.ba-reps.com