#LCM Christopher Raeburn Fall Winter 2015.16 Collection

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Christopher Raeburn

Christopher Raeburn designed his Fall Winter 2015.16 menswear collection from an inflatable boat materials and made survival and self-preservation look easy and stylish. Raeburn showcased his latest collection at London Collections: Men.

They are unused but past their sell-by date, and they are amazing things. Bright orange, they come in these incredible capsules with everything still inside them: rations, flares, everything—everything you could wish for. We built the narrative of the collection about that.” – Designer about raft he bought online.

ChristopherRaeburn-02 ChristopherRaeburn-03 ChristopherRaeburn-04 ChristopherRaeburn-05 ChristopherRaeburn-06 ChristopherRaeburn-07 ChristopherRaeburn-08 ChristopherRaeburn-09 ChristopherRaeburn-10

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