Jake Gyllenhaal for Esquire UK by Simon Robins

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Jake Gyllenhaal

American actor Jake Gyllenhaal lands the cover story of British Esquire Magazine‘s July 2015 issue captured by fashion photographer Simon Robins with styling from Eric Ray Davidson.

Physicality is a way into the mental state of a character, I get off on knowing that my energy has shifted. My technical side is going, ‘Yeah, you’re a bit of a maniac, but you know how to keep it in check’. But it’s not like this huge deal. It’s that Louis CK thing, [about] when people say they’re ‘starving’. Maybe you should rethink that word? You had a meal four hours ago!
Freedom is on the other side of discipline, that’s my mantra. Nothing comes easy if you’re going to do it well.
” – Gyllenhaal.

JakeGyllenhaal JakeGyllenhaal JakeGyllenhaal JakeGyllenhaal JakeGyllenhaal

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