#MFW Les Benjamins Fall Winter 2016.17 Menswear Collection

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Designer Bunyamin Aydin presented Les Benjamins Fall Winter 2016.17 menswear collection, inspired by collision of culture and rebellion, during the ongoing Milano Fashion Week.

LesBenjamins-02 LesBenjamins-03 LesBenjamins-04 LesBenjamins-05 LesBenjamins-06 LesBenjamins-07 LesBenjamins-08 LesBenjamins-09 LesBenjamins-10 LesBenjamins-11 LesBenjamins-12 LesBenjamins-13 LesBenjamins-14 LesBenjamins-15 LesBenjamins-16 LesBenjamins-17 LesBenjamins-18 LesBenjamins-19 LesBenjamins-20 LesBenjamins-21 LesBenjamins-22 LesBenjamins-23

Website: www.lesbenjamins.com