#MFW Les Hommes Fall Winter 2016.17 Menswear Collection

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Fashion designers Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch presented Les Hommes new Fall Winter 2016.17 menswear collection during the second day of the ongoing Milano Fashion Week.

An urban gang of friends. A group of bikers that decide to embark on a long journey. The destination is the African continent, filled with suggestions, inspirations and excitement. During their travel, the bikers elevate themselves, discover tribes and traditions and make their own and contribute in their personal way. This is the journey of Les Hommes for the Fall Winter 2016-17 Collection.” – Les Hommes

Discover more of the collection after the jump:

LesHommesFW16-02 LesHommesFW16-03 LesHommesFW16-04 LesHommesFW16-05 LesHommesFW16-06 LesHommesFW16-07 LesHommesFW16-08 LesHommesFW16-09 LesHommesFW16-10 LesHommesFW16-11 LesHommesFW16-12 LesHommesFW16-13 LesHommesFW16-14 LesHommesFW16-15 LesHommesFW16-16 LesHommesFW16-17 LesHommesFW16-18 LesHommesFW16-19 LesHommesFW16-20 LesHommesFW16-21 LesHommesFW16-22 LesHommesFW16-23 LesHommesFW16-24 LesHommesFW16-25 LesHommesFW16-26 LesHommesFW16-27 LesHommesFW16-28 LesHommesFW16-29 LesHommesFW16-30 LesHommesFW16-31 LesHommesFW16-32 LesHommesFW16-33 LesHommesFW16-34 LesHommesFW16-35 LesHommesFW16-36

For more visit www.leshommes.com

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