Rankin Shoots Oliver Spencer Spring Summer Collection

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Oliver Spencer enlists photographer Rankin to present its Spring Summer 2016 collection. The session is an eclectic mix of personalities that mirror the brand.

The shoot features editor-in-chief & publisher of Port and Avaunt, Dan Crowe; actor and Spandau Ballet’s guitar player/chief songwriter, Gary Kemp: artist and architect whose work include the UK Pavilion at EXPO, Wolfgang Buttress and his son Ethan; the masterminds behind Haeckels candles Alex Verier and Dom BridgesToby Bateman, Mr Porter’s managing director; Shay Ola, chef and owner of London’s Death By Burrito; James Sleaford, fashion director at GQ France; model and agent, Ben Jackson; stylist, creative director and designer, Harris Elliott; and finally Downtown Abbey’s Allen Leech. 

See more of the collection after the jump:

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