Julian Zigerli Spring Summer 2016 by Foxy Illustrations

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Julian Zigerli collaborates with Japanese artist Seitaro Ito better known as FOXY ILLUSTRATIONS for his latest Spring Summer 2016 White Rabbit advertising campaign. Zigerli was inspired by Japanese culture and its strong contrasts, making cute and lovely as well as dark and twisted part of his latest collection.

See more of campaign + lookbook under the cut:

JulianZigerliSS16AD-02 JulianZigerliSS16AD-03 JulianZigerliSS16AD-04 JulianZigerliSS16AD-05 JulianZigerliSS16AD-06 JulianZigerliSS16AD-07 JulianZigerliSS16AD-08 JulianZigerliSS16AD-09 JulianZigerliSS16AD-10 JulianZigerliSS16AD-11 JulianZigerliSS16AD-12 JulianZigerliSS16AD-13 JulianZigerliSS16AD-14 JulianZigerliSS16AD-15 JulianZigerliSS16AD-16 JulianZigerliSS16AD-17 JulianZigerliSS16AD-18 JulianZigerliSS16AD-19 JulianZigerliSS16AD-20 JulianZigerliSS16AD-21 JulianZigerliSS16AD-22 JulianZigerliSS16AD-23 JulianZigerliSS16AD-24 JulianZigerliSS16AD-25 JulianZigerliSS16AD-26 JulianZigerliSS16AD-27 JulianZigerliSS16AD-28

Website: www.julianzigerli.com

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