DESIGN SCENE STYLE: Mirror by Sally & Emily

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Sally Ann & Emily May captured and styled Mirror story exclusively for DESIGN SCENE STYLE featuring self portraits of this stunning photographer duo. Mirror is a story of two sisters who know each other by heart, and finish each otherʼs sentences with just a blink of an eye.

A sister is both your mirror – and your opposite.

Sally and Emily are wearing clothes by ÉLI XILONA and bags from Second Chance Bag, including Fendi, Chanel, Valentino and Celine.

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sallyemily-mirror-1 Bag Valentino

sallyemily-mirror-3 Bag Fendi

sallyemily-mirror-4 Bag CÉLINE


sallyemily-mirror-6 Bag Chanel

sallyemily-mirror-7 Bags Chanel