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 teamed up with British illustrator Angelica Hicks for a new multifaceted art project. House’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele selected several of her illustrations for a limited-edition T-shirt collection. Only  11 T-shirt designs are featured in the assortment and only 100 units of each style have been produced.

The T-shirts have a unisex fit and each of the 11 styles is packaged in a vintage-style metal box, featuring the same illustration as the garment inside.  Each T-shirt will be wrapped in coloured tissue paper and will be folded around a piece of rigid cardboard, in the manner of traditional shirt packaging. However, in this case the cardboard will feature die-cut miniatures of all the available prints in this special collection for customers to detach and use as decorations.  The packaging is completed with a printed card that explains the exclusive nature of the collection and encourages customers to engage with the brand through the project hashtag #guccigeeks. – from Gucci

The collection will be available from May 25th exclusively on in the US and Europe

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