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World.uniqlock is online and its ticking

Origin: JAPAN
UniQlo a popular casual wear brand from Japan is taking the internet by storm, with its special blog clocks campaign. Now world.unqlock a blog listing site has been launched, by putting their clock on your blog your automatically listed on their website. The music clock can also be downloaded as a screensaver, explore the world of uniqlock at

Here is a glance at some of UniQlo editorials:

UniQlo fashion store links, one of the best online presentations on the web, check em out
UniQlo global store locator

I am reposting this again, after removing the post, since while I was on holiday, editorial images bugged and could not show.

And one more thing, yesterday when I checked my email , I was informed by Uniqlo that Design Scene won Uniqlock Red G-Shock Prize , I was among 60 blogs chosen out of 20 000 entrants. So yeah im getting their watch I think , big thanks to Uniqlo =).

Rosin Murphy ,”Overpowered” album cover photo

Illustrastions by Chris Turnham