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Ryoko Suzuki – brings anime to life

Artist/photographer: Ryoko Suzuki

Artwork above: ANIKORA-SEIFUKU
Ryoko is a contraversial Japanese photographer, for her “Anikora” serial, artist Ryoko Suzuki superimposed her face onto the bodies of Japanese anime dolls. The dolls are considered to be erotic by many Japanese men, maybe its difficult to understand them at first, but sexuality is viewed differently in every country, the artist wants us to see how different we are, but also help us understand each other. Ryoko used her face, and on some images its not even certain wether they are real, or they are dolls. You can view more of the images and info HERE.

Prada FW 08.09 Linda Evangelista by Steven Meisel

Dazed and Confused August 2008 Katrin Thormann, Marlon Teixeira and Luke Warell by Mariano Vivanco