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Harper’s Bazaar: Gisele Bundchen by Peter Lindbergh

Magazine: Harper’s Bazaar
Model: Gisele Bundchen
Issue: US April 09
Editorial: Supermodel Muse
Fashion Editor: Katie Mossman
Photography by Peter Lindbergh

The new issue of Harper’s Bazaar features Gisele Bundchen on it’s cover, with a following fashion editorial taking the readers on a fashion time travel with the supermodel. April’s Harper’s Bazaar is also a collectors issue which will display 50 images (together with the Giselle story) by photographer Peter Lindbergh. Giselle story is available in its full on Harper Bazaars website.


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  1. I believe its only coz she crossed to a celebrity status, long ago… i did want to mention the whole “finally a model on the cover” but I doubt shes on it for modeling reasons…

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