Peaches: I Feel Cream

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Artist: Peaches
Album: I Feel Cream
Release date: May 4. 2009
Single: Talk To Me
Video directed by Price James

‘I Feel Cream’ is the fifth studio album by electro act Peaches. Known for her bold and sometimes controversial approach to music and for pushing the artistic boundaries with her on-stage performances, this album sees her working with esteemed modern electronic producers such as Simian Mobile Disco, Digitalism, Drums of Death and Soulwax. This results in a slick, disco-tinged electro record with a glittering and bombastic personality. Includes the singles ‘Talk To Me’ and ‘More’. Click bellow to view the video for “Talk To Me”:



  1. Anonymous says:

    Great voice, horrible look, and very repetitive, simple electronic sounds. She could do better, without the controversial crap.

  2. BR!AN says:

    i actually just recieved an advance copy of i feel cream and i must say…. the material on this is soooooo far from anything shes done…. so much more polished…. grown up even.