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Art museum and offices in Førde by C. F. Møller

Client: Futurum AS
Construction: Åsen & Øvrelid
Engineering: Hjellnes Consult Sweco AS Nord Vest Miljø AS
Architect: Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møller
Landscape: Schønherr Landskab
Location: Førde, Norway
Size: 9000 m2 (museum and office building), 13000 m2 including parking space
Year: 2008-10
Competition year: 2006
Prizes: 2006 1st prize in architectural competition
The new art museum will enjoy a central location in Førde, Norway, and together with its adjoining office building, it provides a new landmark for the town. More images and info under the cut:

The museum lies in the landscape like a crystal-clear block of ice that has slid down from the surrounding mountains. The inspiration for the design was the Jostedal Glacier, the largest glacier on the European mainland, located in the vicinity of the town. The lines of the facade also refer to the fracture lines in ice. The view from the top of the building has been utilised in a roof terrace, which can also serve as an exhibition space or stage.

The office building has the appearance of a mountain face, with a facade in dark, ceramic material and window apertures as protrusions and indentations.
The complex brings a new, dense urban scale to the town, while harmonising with its surroundings via references to the location in its expression and materials. – from C. F. Møller

*Source | C.F. moller

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