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Puma Concept – Pregnancy Shoe

Puma Concept – Piel Pregnancy Shoe
Designer: Nicolas Winograd
Specialties: Industrial Design
No other short term cycle marks such a physical, mental and emotional evolution in a human being as pregnancy.Piel is the first shoe designed with pregnancy and all of its stages in mind. Its ergonomic design is made to address such complications as the increase of blood volume during pregnancy, which causes the blood pressure to drop. One of the main reasons for the swelling of extremities. Other problems addressed by Piel is the over-pronation (flat feet) caused by the natural weight increase and arch collapse in the foot. The smart outer mesh pattern permits a controlled expansion of the shoes form which both cushions the foot and supports the arch. A particular challenge, as it blends concepts of women’s fashion with a utilitarian solution, Piel is designed to be equally functional and aesthetically innovative. More images under the cut:

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