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SALM debut album

Band: SALM – Somethingalamode
Album: Somethingalamode
Single: Rondoparisiano featuring Karl Lagerfeld
Karl Lagerfeld is a major icon of the fashion world, but he's influental in the music world too, his patronage of the french duo SALM – Somethingalamode, drew a great deal of media hype and now they just released their self titled debut CD Somethingalamode. SALM is Yannick Grandjean on the chello and Thomas Roussel on the violin, both combining different genres of music, in addition to the classical input the electronic sounds are also all original recordings. Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld was amazed by SALM and their potential, this spring he invited them to perform at the Chanel show in Venice, where musician featured Lagerfelds voice on the intro of their track Rondoparisiano. Above you can view SALMs docu video clip of their trip to Venice and at the same time hear their single Rondoparisiano featuring Karl Lagerfeld.
RondoParisiano (Feat. Karl Lagerfeld) is available at Amazon for only $0.99, for more info visit SALMs myspace page.

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