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Caulfield Preparatory Spring 2010

Look Book: Caulfield Preparatory
Season: Spring 2010
Launched in Fall 2009, CAULFIELD PREPARATORY is a new contemporary menswear brand available nationwide at Bloomingdales,, Blue Bee, Ian, Ron Herman, American Rag, Holt Renfrew and more. Caulfield Preparatorys new Spring 2010 collection hits stores starting at the end of the month. The collection is best known for unique off-beat details such as a signature half sleeve silhouette on their button down shirts and henleys, vintage-inspired signature leather buttons, tabbed collars, and an inconspicuous ant on the back of all the t-shirts. Spring also features lightweight knits, swim shorts, scarves, beanies and other nautical-inspired casual wear. Continue for more of Caulfield Preparatory Spring 2010 look book images after the jump:

Photos: Courtesy of Caulfield Preparatory

Campus Center by Oppenheim

AJ Abualrub by Eli Schmidt