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Heart of Africa Biodome at Chester Zoo

Project: Heart of Africa Biodome at Chester Zoo
Designed by Proctor and Matthews Architects
Location: Chester, near Liverpool, UK
The Heart of Africa Rainforest Biome will form the flagship first phase of the radical new masterplan Natural Vision for Chester Zoo. Simulating natural African rain forest habitats this dramatic undulating environmentally responsive roofscape and enclosure will provide an immersive sanctuary to rainforest animals, birds, amphibians and reptiles, including some of the worlds most endangered species such as Gorillas and Okapi. Continue for more after the jump:


Natural Vision will offer fun, family friendly, adventurous yet educational window on the world of conservation. Professor Gordon McGregor Reid, Director General of Chester Zoo.

The Jungle Landscape of interconnected domes will be explored through interactive water rides and treetop canopy walkways where visitors will encounter rainforest species of all kinds within this dynamic, environmentally responsive enclosure. This will become a year-round International destination for world animal conservation and a major regional tourist attraction for the North West .- from Proctor and Matthews Architects.

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