Longing for Summer by Andrew Yee

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Magazine: The FT: How To Spend It Magazine
Fashion Editor: Damian Foxe
Models: Colleen B |Photogenics| and Beth |Ford|
Hair: Yiotis Panayiotou |Celestine|
Makeup: Dawn Broussard |The Magnet Agency|
Photographer: Andrew Yee |Atelier Management|
Website: www.ateliermanagement.com
Stunning new shoot by Andrew Yee brings summer onto the pages of Financial Times How To Spend It Magazine, for more of Andrew's photography visit Atelier Management website, rest of Longing for Summer is after the jump:


*Images courtesy of Atelier Management


  1. SPLENDEROSA says:

    This is seriously beautiful. Thank you for posting. I'm a new follower too. Marsha