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Spiegel HQ by Henning Larsen Architects

Project: Spiegel HQ
Location: Brooktorkai, HafenCity, Hamborg
Designed by Henning Larsen Architects
Henning Larsen Architects has chosen a two-part composition to create hierarchy and openness on the site and has integrated the complex urban spaces that meet at Ericusspitze in their design. Continue for more of architects description and images after the jump:


With its clearly readable figure each building has a reserved yet characteristic expression that provides a special significance in relation to creating identity for all the surrounding public spaces.

The Ericus-building will be essential for the completion of the large park space. Spiegel will become the gateway to Hafencity seen from the main station and Brooktorkai.

The two buildings are designed as large U-forms that embrace the urban space they are directed towards. The Spiegel-building embraces an inter-nal space with a more urban character because of its direction towards the city. The Ericus-building embraces an open, green outdoor space as it directed towards the large open Lohsepark.

The two buildings form two plazas: an arrival plaza for pedestrians, cy-clists and drivers towards Brooktorkai and an open public plaza, which has a direct connection to the waterfront promenade.

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Piotr Stoklosa for TakeMe Magazine