SPONSORED VIDEO: LYNX Takes You To Chaos Island In Caribbean


Some much-needed summer sun is all we can think of before the grueling Fashion Week schedule kicks off this September, not even Milan, London or New York sound as good as a sunny beach. A destination like that is exactly the place we drift away to couple of times a day. No matter where you work, we are sure you are in the same state of mind. After all, the timing is right for such thoughts, it is time for everybody to relax so they can work and party even harder in the coming autumn! How does a paradise Island in the Caribbean sound? With all expenses paid? To us it sounds like a dream! Such dreams can come true 'cause our friends at LYNX just started a fun competition giving away such a prize! 

The competition is already running on Lynx Effect Facebook page and it is providing a unique opportunity to guys and girls to win a fantastic trip to the marvelous Chaos Island In the Caribbean! It is more than easy, all you need to do is tweet #chasethechaos and check the Lynx Effect Facebook page to find a series of clues. If you are the first to solve the mystery a pair of tickets to Caribbean is all yours!

This exciting competition wont last forever, it ends September 2nd! But no worries 'till then you'll have plenty of oportunities to gather the clues and solve the ticket-finding mystery! It can't be any easier, for start, all you need to to is to log on to Lynx Facebook Page

This article is sponsored by Lynx.

The Vogue 120 by Norman Jean Roy

Schaustelle by Jürgen Mayer H. Architects