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Lady A Film by Luca Finotti for Vogue Italia

Luca Finotti


Lady A Film by Luca Finotti for Vogue Italia
Actors: Nick Lacy, Philip Muscato, Victor Norlander, Killian Simon, Ricardo Figueiredo, Val Murigi, Francisco Escobar, Katie Torres, James Brackenhoff, Miriam Stegmann, Robert Shulman
Hair & Makeup: Fabio D' Onofrio |Twa-Agency|
Stylist: Beverly Osemwenkhae
Protagonist: Laura Catterall
Producers: Sebastian Pollin And Nick Lacy
Editor: Saori Yamamoto
Director Of Photography: Damien Krisl
Directed by Luca Finotti
Discover the marvelously glamorous Lady, a film by the talented Luca Finotti captured for for Vogue Italia.

Hair & Makeup Assistants: Isabel Ruiz, Veronica Valdivia And Antony Payne
Hair & Makeup: Fabio D' Onofrio |Twa-Agency|
Stylist Assistant: Cecilia Berninger, Jimmy Quirk
Assistant Producers:
Giovanni Beda
Sound Editor Assistants: Jo Keita And Edison Gan
Sound Editor: Andrey Radovski
Sound: Artem Kulakov
2nd Camera: Yosuke Hosoi
3rd Camera: Mira Steinzor
Gaffer: Angelica Iris

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