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C-Port by Aaron Michael for Design Scene

Aaron Michael

C-Port story captured exclusively for Design Scene by up and coming fashion photographer Aaron Michael with garments created by talented young designer Lillian Dilustro. Starring in the shoot is Melanie B. (Modelogic Wilhelmina) prepared with makeup and hair styling by Katherine Taylor. Lilian tells us more about her collection: 

When spending an entire year on one project, no matter what you're creating it just kind of ends up reflecting yourself. For me particularly, it was the time I spent at a public high school in Norfolk, Virginia, that had a bit of a gang problem. My senior year was especially violent, teachers being hospitalized, mace commonly sprayed by officers at lunch, and a tragic murder of a classmate. With a very urban student body, I drew a lot of silhouette inspiration from the saggy pants, oversized tee shirts, and puffy coats the students around me were wearing. I also designed huge custom hardware with jewelry designer Alison Dick, which was kind of a play on the metal detectors we were searched by before school events. Whenever I explain this to people they are always really surprised, so I am happy to have made something that makes people think a little bit. Beyond that I am always inspired by Scandinavian design. Whether it graphic, product, or fashion design, it's always pushing forward while maintaining a level a charm, which I love, so I was hoping there was somewhat of a sense of that throughout the collection.

Discover more of the dreamy C-Port story below:

Melanie B Melanie B Melanie B Melanie B Melanie B


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