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September 2013 Exclusive Stories

Editorial Photography

September 2013 brought an amazing slew of exclusives for us and we just had to share them all with you once again. From portraits to full on editorials, we were blessed to have contributors showcasing some terrific and quite promising new faces. 

Before the autumn season officially kicks in, revisit all of our exclusive editorials for the month of September:

Danny Lim


Photographer/model Danny Lim and stylist VOONWEI team up for The Storm Never Come.

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Gui Costa

Gui Costa Introduced new talent, Justyna from Attitude Models.

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alvin kean wong

The gorgeous Taylor Lewis in a safari inspired shoot by Alvin Kean Wong gave us supermodel in the making chills. 

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cameron carpenter

New World by Jill Wachter and Cameron Carpenter for Design Scene, this out of this planet styling was worn by the handsome Humbert Clotet and the stunning Haley Sutton. 

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Maciej Bernas

AS Management's fantastic Kasia by Maciej Bernas for Design Scene. Her surname is Jujeczka and something tells us she'll be around long enough for us to learn how to spell it. 

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nigel lew

Clean and white takes center stage in an exclusive by Nigel Lew featuring the very chic Kyla H. 

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Kasia Holopiak

Kasia Holopiak makes the best photo of a tube top ever. No discussion there. In addition the rest of the shoot is equally breath taking. 

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Anna Morosini

Ricki Hall & Nina by Anna Morosini for Design Scene shine through with some undeniable star power combination. 

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lukasz wac

Nature Related by Lukasz Wac for Design Scene makes us sad the summer is over. 

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Greg Adamski

Evaporation by Greg Adamski for Design Scene brings fashion and art closer. One of our recently favorite exclusives (we liked it so much we are even cheating a bit, the shoot ran on the last day of August. Close enough right?)

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jane and jane

Leigh by Jane and Jane for Design Scene, comes as one of our favorite portraits sessions featured in our exclusives. (kinda the same situation above with that August date, but we had to include it).

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Malgosia Bela for Self Service by Andreas Larsson

Xixi Artist Clubhouse by AZL Architects