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DIARY Collection by est by eS. for Atumn Winter 2013.14

est by eS

Stunning imagery created for DIARY by est by eS. collection catering to the current season is work of photographer Małgorzata Turczyńska shot with styling from Robert Kiełb. Stars of the session are Julia at SPECTO, and Roksana Roksana Chrząstowska, makeup by Pola Dzwigała and hair styling by Christian Lange. Production Rob Svensoon, and Dobry Człowiek. Hair styling by Christian Lange.

"DIARY. It can be very either very personal and intimate or emotionless, matter-of-factly describing the reality. It is a subjective choice of the author, a show with a lot of ambiguities which leaves it for the audience to interpret it. It doesn’t have to be a record of things extraordinary to stir emotions. It in is the seeming simplicity, nuances and details where the most intriguing meanings and messages are born.

Those understatements, noteworthy details and space for personal completion are the strength of est by eS. The brand designer – Gosia Sobiczewska – does not resort to spectacular trends and momentary fashion. She offers the seeming everydayness instead, which, thanks to remarkable details and the personality of a woman, creates an interesting and personal content.

Est by eS. likes discretion and knows its power. Blouses are neatly buttoned up to the neck and finished with collars. Suit jackets conform to even the most rigorous dress codes. Dresses and outer garments subscribe to the seasonal palette of dark, subdued colours. Yet it is not an obvious thing as far as est by eS. is concerned. The blouse is intriguing with its contrasting lining and trimming. The dress glows slightly with its golden thread. The jacket attracts attention with its cut line. The jacket has an eye-catching architectonic form." – from est by eS.

Production: Rob Svensoon, Dobry Człowiek

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