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In the Heart of the Multitude at The Prada Epicenter Broadway

Prada Epicenter

PRADA In The Heart of Multitude project sees once again the light of day at label's Broadway Epicenter space, the murals were first revealed during the spring summer 2014 show in Milan. This showstopping work will adorn the famed New York store through the Spring. To create these impressive artworks PRADA has invited muralists Miles “El Mac” Gregor, Mesa, Gabriel Specter, and Stinkfish, and illustrators Jeanne Detallante and Pierre Mornet. The project was shaped together with the fashion house's longtime collaborator 2×4 design studio.

The overall spatial concept, imagined by Prada creative partner AMO as an inversion of the traditional fashion show configuration, features a stylized perimeter street that encircles an irregularly shaped central island. Rather than looking in to a central catwalk, the audience is seated on the island looking out toward the murals that adorn the outer walls. The street-scape is populated by models weaving under and in front of large blocks, some even looming overhead. The jutting, almost expressionistic walls radically alter the sense of scale in the room. The catwalk is surfaced in industrial rubber as a reference to the urban street and the murals, with their dramatic scale and vibrant color, lend an exuberant panache to the severity of the surround- ing walls. – from PRADA

Discover more of the murals at Prada Epicenter below: 

Prada Epicenter In the Heart of the Multitude In the Heart of the Multitude In the Heart of the Multitude In the Heart of the Multitude

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Discover the showspace at Via Fogazzaro. (Images courtesy of PRADA)

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