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Updating Your Winter Wardrobe for Men

As we get closer and closer to the end of fall, it’s time to begin thinking about our winter wardrobes and the items we can get to look our best all season long. Whether you’re looking for a new parka to wear walking the dog, a heavier dress shirt to wear to the office, or just some accessories to keep warm, we’ve got you covered with what you should buy for your winter wardrobe. With no further ado, let’s take a look at some of the style essentials that you could be rocking this holiday season.


A Thicker Designer Shirt

While we tend to think about the winter season as a time to pile on layer after layer, the end result can make you look bulkier than you’d like. One of the best ways to get the warmth you need without all that extra bulk is to look at stronger fabrics for your interior layers, namely in your dress shirts. When you wear a thicker shirt under your jacket, you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make in helping you to keep insulated and warm throughout even the coldest of days. You don’t have to rock a cable knit sweater to get that suitable level of comfort.

For a shirt that looks dressy enough for the office but has just enough style going for it, check out the Woodsman Shirt from luxury menswear designer VK Nagrani. As the name would indicate, the shirt is made from a brushed flannel, but elevates the fabric with a level of sophistication using 100% Egyptian cotton. The Italian made shirt is just the right fit for men, fitted without being uncomfortably slim. Pair one of these with a sweater or a blazer and you’ll be all set to head into the office without worrying about that winter chill.

A Sophisticated Parka

For those of you living in colder climates, you might need a little something extra to keep warm when you head outside in the morning. A warm shirt does wonders but sometimes you need a full on winter parka to do the trick. While we tend to think of these as the territory of Iditarod contestants, you don’t have to be a pro dogsled racer to enjoy them. If your idea of winter sports is closer to walking your pug around the block, try the Hebron Heavyweight Hooded Parka from London Fog. The heavy coat is has an insulated down lining, faux fur trimmed hood, and a plaid interior for equal parts style and comfort. It’s available in Olive or Navy so you can pick the color that looks best with your wardrobe.

A Pair of Solid Winter Boots


While you might think your feet are just fine in an average pair of shoes, you should really consider investing in a solid pair of winter boots which can last for years with proper upkeep. Having a warm pair of boots can make a world of a difference in you comfort level when you’re schlepping through the snow on the way to work every day. Taking on the classic Duck boot style made popular from LL Bean, the Warren Duckboot Shearling from The Frye Company is a contemporary update with elevated detailing and quality craftsmanship. With their warm shearling interiors, these boots are bound to keep your feet warm all day long. On the exterior, the rubberized waterproof bottoms keep out any snow or sludge from seeping through the material. The Warren Duckboots come in a variety of colors like Navy, Forrest, Dark Brown, or Black, so you can match them with your new heavyweight parka and designer Woodsman shirt.

With these three winter wardrobe essentials, you’re all set to be not only warm all winter long but likely the most stylish guy on the block. There’s no way you can go back to wearing your average Joe winter wear after you’ve tried these out. So now that you know the items you need, get shopping and order your new winter wardrobe!

Photos – Nemanja Zdravkovic at FOX FASHION AGECNY Belgrade photo by Igor Cvoro at SCENE Studio

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