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Preparing for a Major Home Renovation

Home Renovation

Much preparation and planning go into an extensive restoration or remodeling project, especially if said project is your current residence. Worrying about temporary housing, unexpected budget issues and contractors can test your patience and raise your stress levels.

So what to do? Follow few renovation home tips below:


Should I stay or should I go?

Your first major decision is whether or not you will continue to remain in residence while the project is ongoing. During the initial phase, when you are finishing starter projects, it is usually not a problem to stay in the home. Moreover, you may be able to remain in the house for a majority of the time, or even the entire time, the main portion of the renovation is underway.

Many people choose to stick around for financial reasons. Renting housing until the contractors finish the remodel can be quite taxing on the budget. Renting a home or apartment may be an option worth looking into if continuing to live in the house does not appeal to you. If you only need other accommodations for a short period, you may consider hotels and vacation home rentals which do not require a month-to-month agreement or lease.


Money Matters

When it comes to the budget, you’ve never got it nailed down. There are always going to be unexpected, and unwanted, surprises when it comes to a major remodel. If there are any underlying issues in your home, this is the time when they will be laid bare. The contractors and construction crew are bound to find some hidden problem that needs attention before the project can commence. It may be a small hiccup, but it may also be a real whopper of a problem that soaks up thousands of dollars of your budget.

There are ways to save on your remodel, but you will still need to build-in a budget cushion of approximately 20%. Having additional funds can mean the difference between being able to move back into your home or having to wait until you can pay the contractors to finish the job at some to-be-determined date. And you do not want to take a ride on that merry-go-round.


Organization and Communication

When it comes to the contractors, communication is key. They will most likely want to get your project finished as soon as possible so that they can move on to the next thing, but there’s a big difference between finishing quickly and finishing right. Hopefully, you’ve done your research and have ended up with a great contractor who cares about his clients and his reputation. If so, congratulations. However, you still don’t get to slack.


Keep in touch with your contractor daily so that you are fully up to date on the progress of the project, the budget, and the estimated completion time. Project management software companies like Procore offer tools that keep you and the crew on track and organized. Keeping all of the information relevant to the project in one cloud-based management tool will keep things streamlined and help you discover any snags that are holding your project back.

Making sure you are prepared, having a backup plan, and staying organized will go a long way in reducing your stress when it comes to an extensive home renovation.

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