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#MFW Antonio Marras Spring Summer 2016 Menswear Collection

Antonio Marras

Italian designer Antonio Marras presented his Spring Summer 2016 menswear collection during the recently finished Spring Summer 2016 Milano Fashion Week. The designer gives an ultimate nod to the summer with the use of beautifully assembled prints. The graphics shaping the same are reminiscent of deep seas and romantic coastal lines. The nuances creating the palette are not far from a seaside sentiment either.

At sunset, closing time, the scenery is lighten up only by a little lightbulb, in the warehouse there are pieces of clothes and scattered swatches, notes of all kinds left on working tables and scattered chairs. My dad’s long and tapered fingers were moving gracefully as if they were playing some sort of musical instrument. It made me think of an harp, all those wires noted, trapped and almost embroidered tightly together culminating in hooks. How did he do that? where did he find the patience and knowledge to transform that tool into a something capable to catch all those fishes? I was all curled up on a stool fascinated by the process of all those wires taking shape as one fish net, my father used to tell me stories about men and seas meeting and melting into each other. I am aware trawl fishing is considered for second class fishermen, but I still find it magical. I know the real fishermen are Gabriel Arquimbao, Minorchino who was specialized in lobster fishing, and Salvatore Delrio, from the historical fishermen family, who in the peak of his days even used to spend his nights in Portoferro on his little skiff in order to be the first one in the morning to come back with his nets full of fishes. And also there is also Cicillu, I never understood how a seascape painter to earn his living as a fisherman. I have always wondered how one provides provide for its family as a fisherman even more so as a painter! I know it is his hobby but I wonder how can Cicillu define himself as a Sunday painter, technically fishermen do not have Sundays.” – from Antonio  Marras

The elegant collection bringing France closer to Italy is in full after the jump:

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