Jitrois Fall Winter 2015.16 Lookbook

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Discover Jitrois lookbook featuring looks from their Lucid Wonderland Fall Winter 2015.16 collection that was inspired by (Paris’ answer to Studio 54), Palace and its heyday.

For Autumn/Winter 2015, Jean Claude Jitrois pays tribute to Paris’ answer to the legendary Studio 54, Palace, in it’s heyday during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Entitled “Lucid Wonderland” the collection takes inspiration from the intoxicating world of the wild party girls who frequented The Palace; who, with their relentless charisma and impeccable looks, blurred the line between effortless glamour and the rock, punk and disco movements of the era.
This winter the Jitrois woman is fearless and bold with a delightfully cheeky glint in her eye – epitomising subtle Parisian elegance, ease and sensuality.

JitroisAW15Lookbook-02 JitroisAW15Lookbook-03 JitroisAW15Lookbook-04 JitroisAW15Lookbook-05 JitroisAW15Lookbook-06 JitroisAW15Lookbook-07 JitroisAW15Lookbook-08 JitroisAW15Lookbook-09 JitroisAW15Lookbook-10 JitroisAW15Lookbook-11 JitroisAW15Lookbook-12 JitroisAW15Lookbook-13 JitroisAW15Lookbook-14 JitroisAW15Lookbook-15 JitroisAW15Lookbook-16 JitroisAW15Lookbook-17 JitroisAW15Lookbook-18 JitroisAW15Lookbook-19 JitroisAW15Lookbook-20 JitroisAW15Lookbook-21 JitroisAW15Lookbook-22 JitroisAW15Lookbook-23 JitroisAW15Lookbook-24 JitroisAW15Lookbook-25 JitroisAW15Lookbook-26 JitroisAW15Lookbook-27 JitroisAW15Lookbook-28 JitroisAW15Lookbook-29 JitroisAW15Lookbook-30 JitroisAW15Lookbook-31 JitroisAW15Lookbook-32 JitroisAW15Lookbook-33 JitroisAW15Lookbook-34 JitroisAW15Lookbook-35 JitroisAW15Lookbook-36 JitroisAW15Lookbook-37 JitroisAW15Lookbook-38 JitroisAW15Lookbook-39 JitroisAW15Lookbook-40 JitroisAW15Lookbook-41 JitroisAW15Lookbook-42 JitroisAW15Lookbook-43 JitroisAW15Lookbook-44 JitroisAW15Lookbook-45 JitroisAW15Lookbook-46 JitroisAW15Lookbook-47 JitroisAW15Lookbook-48 JitroisAW15Lookbook-49 JitroisAW15Lookbook-50 JitroisAW15Lookbook-51 JitroisAW15Lookbook-52 JitroisAW15Lookbook-53 JitroisAW15Lookbook-54 JitroisAW15Lookbook-55

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