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Luisa Beccaria Spring Summer 2016 Collection

Luisa Beccaria

Italy-based designer Luisa Beccaria presented her new Spring Summer 2016 A Lilac Dawn womenswear collection during the ongoing Milan Fashion Week. Hair styling is work of Beppe d’Elia for Beautick with makeup by M.A.C. Cynthia Rivas and M.A.C. PRO team. Set design and art direction by Lucrezia Bonaccorsi.

Picture the rarefied atmosphere that dawn’s light brings to the lush sensuality of a lilac field in spring. This image evokes the creative elegance of an Alma Tadema painting with a languid prairie-chic spirit; the two intertwine with one another for the Spring Summer 2016 Luisa Beccaria collection. Celebrating sophisticated beauty with nature and inspired by folk repertoire, the designs are reimagined for the contemporary woman who is proud and confident of her unassailable femininity.” – Luisa Beccaria

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