#MFW Stella Jean Spring Summer 2016 Womenswear Collection

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Stella Jean

Rome based fashion label Stella Jean presented their new Spring Summer 2016 En Route womenswear collection during the first day of this season’s Milan Fashion Week.

Stella Jean’s Spring Summer 2016 collection marks the geographical and emotional map on which the main stages of the exodus of the Italian migrant identity are charted. By creating generational parallels, the principle destinations that in the past represented, and still represent, the promise of deliverance – South America, North America, Africa, Europe – are retraced through 35 styling-mosaics.” –  Stella Jean

StellaJeanSS16-02 StellaJeanSS16-03 StellaJeanSS16-04 StellaJeanSS16-05 StellaJeanSS16-06 StellaJeanSS16-07 StellaJeanSS16-08 StellaJeanSS16-09 StellaJeanSS16-10 StellaJeanSS16-11 StellaJeanSS16-12 StellaJeanSS16-13 StellaJeanSS16-14 StellaJeanSS16-15 StellaJeanSS16-16 StellaJeanSS16-17 StellaJeanSS16-18 StellaJeanSS16-19 StellaJeanSS16-20 StellaJeanSS16-21 StellaJeanSS16-22 StellaJeanSS16-23 StellaJeanSS16-24 StellaJeanSS16-25 StellaJeanSS16-26 StellaJeanSS16-27 StellaJeanSS16-28 StellaJeanSS16-29 StellaJeanSS16-30 StellaJeanSS16-31 StellaJeanSS16-32 StellaJeanSS16-33 StellaJeanSS16-34 StellaJeanSS16-35 StellaJeanSS16-36 StellaJeanSS16-37 StellaJeanSS16-38 StellaJeanSS16-39 StellaJeanSS16-40 StellaJeanSS16-41 StellaJeanSS16-42 StellaJeanSS16-43 StellaJeanSS16-44 StellaJeanSS16-45 StellaJeanSS16-46 StellaJeanSS16-47 StellaJeanSS16-48 StellaJeanSS16-49 StellaJeanSS16-50 StellaJeanSS16-51 StellaJeanSS16-52 StellaJeanSS16-53 StellaJeanSS16-54 StellaJeanSS16-55 StellaJeanSS16-56

Images courtesy of Stella Jean –  www.stellajean.it

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