MAX.TAN Spring Summer 2016 Campaign

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Monika Burkot

Fashion photographer Carlos Khu captures MAX.TAN‘s Spring Summer 2016 campaign and lookbook featuring model Monika Burkot styled by Zhiying Yuan. Makeup is work of Elyn Khooz. Creative direction by Max Tan.

Spring/Summer 2016 explores the possible outcomes from getting out of the captivity of artificial rules and standards. When there is no conformity, there is a greater room for growth. It all comes down to the core of design ideology, building up from basic forms, light, line works, contrast and stripping over-finished garments. In order to gain, one has to let go. In order to improve, one has to take a step back. To design without the design in mind is still a form of creation. Undesign. Thou shalt not, design.

MaxTanSS16-02 MaxTanSS16-03 MaxTanSS16-04 MaxTanSS16-05 MaxTanSS16-06 MaxTanSS16-07 MaxTanSS16-08 MaxTanSS16-09 MaxTanSS16-10 MaxTanSS16-11 MaxTanSS16-12 MaxTanSS16-13 MaxTanSS16-14 MaxTanSS16-15 MaxTanSS16-16 MaxTanSS16-17 MaxTanSS16-18 MaxTanSS16-19 MaxTanSS16-20 MaxTanSS16-21 MaxTanSS16-22 MaxTanSS16-23 MaxTanSS16-24 MaxTanSS16-25 MaxTanSS16-26 MaxTanSS16-27 MaxTanSS16-28 MaxTanSS16-29 MaxTanSS16-30 MaxTanSS16-31 MaxTanSS16-32 MaxTanSS16-33 MaxTanSS16-34 MaxTanSS16-35 MaxTanSS16-36 MaxTanSS16-37 MaxTanSS16-38 MaxTanSS16-39 MaxTanSS16-40 MaxTanSS16-41 MaxTanSS16-42 MaxTanSS16-43


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