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Sylvio Giardina S-k-I-N Spring Summer 2016 Lookbook

Sylvio Giardina

Beatrice Brusco at Elite Models stars in Sylvio Giardina‘s Spring Summer 2016 womenswear lookbook captured by fashion photographer Tania Alineri with hair and makeup from Serena Congiu.

Skin as birth and rebirth, skin as identity. The inspiration for the new Spring-Summer 2016 collection by Sylvio Giardina comes from an ancient Bantu love song. Skin as the expression of cultural identities: from the great decorations of African women, who draw on their body indelible signs to enhance their sensuality, to the contemporaneity of Ariana Page Russell, an artist who uses her skin’s hypersensitivity as a canvas on which tracing emotions.

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